I am an objects conservator based in Los Angeles, and owner of Fine Arts Conservation LLC.  After completing my graduate studies at the Buffalo State College Art Conservation training program in 1993, I moved to southern California to practice the art of conservation (first as a graduate intern at the Getty, then for a three-year fellowship at LACMA).

With love and a deep respect for the art/artifacts of many cultures spanning the ages from ancient to contemporary, I feel very fortunate that my work allows me to get to know the objects firsthand, and to learn the stories they have to tell.

I believe that sharing knowledge with one another is among the most valuable tools in our collective toolkit; next to my scalpel, microspatula, and W&N Series 7 size 1 brush, it is one I find myself reaching for again and again. And that’s why I decided to start this blog.


Fine Arts Conservation LLC is a sculpture and 3-D objects conservation studio in Los Angeles. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest possible standards of care for the art and artifacts we are entrusted with. Our philosophy favors respect for the integrity and artistic intent of each original work, and judicious intervention when called for. We can provide creative solutions for even the most complex preservation challenges.

For more information about Fine Arts Conservation and what we do, please visit our website: http://fineartsconservationllc.com

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